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Stowarzyszenie Maratonu
"Solidarność" w Gdańsku





Dear runners, dear friends of the "Solidarity" Marathon!

We have waited two years for this time, when we will meet on the streets of the Tri-City, when the Director of the "Solidarity" Marathon, Kazimierz Zimny, will report the instruction: "Ready to start!", and at the finish line we will be welcomed by Neptune himself!

Life has written a completely different scenario for us. This year is especially difficult. 30.06.2022, after a long stay in the hospital, died - Kazimierz Zimny, an excellent Olympian, trainer, youth educator, organizer, friend. He was the author and director of the marathon from the first edition. We said goodbye to him 6.07.2022 in Gdańsk, at the Łostowice Cemetery. We miss his presence, advice and support very much.

Furthermore, two years of the pandemic meant that the "Solidarity" Marathon Association have many organizational and financial problems.

We regret it very much, but we are forced to announce that this year's "Solidarity" Marathon will will not take place. We are not able to organize the event, which is such a huge logistic project. For sure you remember, the route of the marathon runs through three cities-  Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk.

We regret that this year marathon runners will not be able to finish at Długi Targ, under the Neptune Fountain. We hope that this event with a great traditions (taking place since 1995) will be reborn again,  to honor the great man Kazimierz Zimny ​​was!


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